International Women's Day with a literary twist

Lancing Prep Hove stayed open last week in the snow, much to the pupils’ delight, as they created snow art and played with snowballs outside on our school field but one disappointment was that the school decided to postpone celebrating World Book Day for a week, as dressing up costumes would not have been the warmest or most appropriate attire for pupils.

So one week later, the school combined International Women’s Day and World Book Day with a themed celebration – children and staff were challenged to dress up, either as a female fictional character or as a character in a book written by a female author!

The Pre-Prep was awash with Beatrix Potter characters – a veritable warren of rabbits and some very smartly attired foxes were joined by delightful ducks, cute kittens and perky pigs. They carried on with their lessons as usual but had some creative time to work together in groups to make scarecrows for Mr McGregor’s garden.

The Prep school children certainly put their minds to coming up with unusual choices. It was wonderful to welcome ‘Malala’; Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein put in an appearance along with a raft of Roald Dahl characters. Mr Clifton made a startling Miss Trunchball, with Miss Snell resplendent as Mrs Twit. There were several boys in dresses, including of course, David Walliams’ The Boy in the Dress, and Gangsta Granny. Everyone immersed themselves in their roles in a display of method acting that would have pleased Stanislavsky.

The new school library was the venue for a 'book buffet' where the children were offered a selection of books from different genres to dip in and read, and then write up their impressions of what they had sampled.

Head Mistress, Kirsty Keep, was delighted by the way in which the whole school community embraced the day and commented, "Both boys and girls had an opportunity to reflect on the positive influence of female authors and fictional characters, and had great fun along the way."  Following hot on the heels of World Maths Day and coinciding with National Careers Week, it was the perfect reminder of the very best of creative education… with Science Week, World Languages Day and World Poetry Day all still to be celebrated before the Easter holidays begin.