LPH pupils embrace World Mental Health Day

Mental wellbeing is never far from the headlines these days and it has been the focus of PSHE lessons at Lancing Prep Hove during the week leading up to World Mental Health Day on 10 October. 

The pupils celebrated WMH Day with the #HelloYellow theme in support of the Young Minds charity which champions better mental health support for children and young people. At LPH, the children thought about their own mental health and how looking after themselves empowers them to help look after other people – in much the same way as we are all told in the unlikely event of an aircraft emergency to fit our own oxygen masks before trying to help someone else! One pupil summed it perfectly, ‘mental health is about looking after yourself so that you can be happy, like making sure you rest so you can play as well.’

The children had fun with their friends, enjoyed being a bit silly in a photo booth and talked about what makes them happy in school: ‘I’m happiest when I’m playing with my friends or when my teachers make my lessons funny’; ‘Talking to teachers’; ‘going outside and playing sport’; ‘reading’; ‘playing brain teasers’ and ‘doing something you enjoy, like playing table tennis’.

Commenting on the day's activities, Dan Clifton, Head of PSHE concluded, "Today has been a powerful exercise for the pupils. By expressing what makes them feel happy at school, they have begun to learn how to harness those positive feelings to help them to understand how to help themselves, and others, at times when they feel less happy."