Year 8 visit Cambridge

Our Year 8 pupils began their day in Cambridge with a tour by punt of the River Cam, taking them right through the heart of the university colleges. They saw the beautiful scenery of the buildings and learnt a little of the history of the city as well. After a lunch break under the shade of the trees in one of the local parks, a walk around the historical buildings of the Cambridge colleges followed, with a quick stop in a gift shop for aspirational souvenirs and hoodies. The pupils were fascinated to see the chair leg that in 1901 had replaced Henry VIII’s sword outside Trinity College. As the group passed through the historic streets, they made it to the destination for the main event of the trip, Cambridge University Library.  

The pupils enjoyed a fantastic tour of the library, taking care not to disturb the current students preparing for their finals. This was followed a lecture from Dr Outhwaite who described the finding of the Egyptian Genizah, a room filled with Jewish scripts. The pupils learnt a lot about the 10th century Jewish community living in Egypt, about their daily lives, their schooling, but also the importance of their language and writings. It was a fantastic day that helped bring to a close their study of Judaism.