Scholarships & Bursaries

We offer a number of scholarship awards to girls and boys at the age of 11 for entry into Year 7. These scholarships are awarded to academically able pupils who show the potential to gain an academic award to their senior school at the age of 13.

The scholarship scheme is currently under review and any changes will be published as soon as they are agreed. The information that follows should therefore be regarded as an outline guide, rather than as definitive.

Academic assessment takes the form of tests in English, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning which are taken by the candidates in the January or February of Year 6. Parents will have the opportunity to be considered for a bursary and will be required to complete a form giving details of their financial circumstances which will be taken into consideration.

Details of the scholarship process for entry in September 2018 will be published shortly.

We may occasionally be able to offer bursaries, depending on individual circumstances. Prospective parents should discuss this with the Head Mistress when they visit the school.