Scholarships & Bursaries for entry in 2025

We offer a number of scholarship awards to girls and boys at the age of 11 for entry into Year 7. Prospective parents are advised to register their interest in 11+ scholarships as early as possible as places are limited.

All children attend our Insight Day in the November/December of Year 6 for entry the following September and are automatically considered for scholarships based on their entrance assessment results. Scholarships are awarded to academically able pupils who show the potential to gain an academic award to their senior school at the age of 13. Awards may also be offered to children with exceptional potential in sport, music and the creative and performing arts.

Parents will have the opportunity to apply for a bursary and will be required to complete a form giving details of their financial circumstances which will be taken into consideration. 

Details of how to apply for scholarship entry in September 2025 will be published during the autumn term 2024. Please contact Sarah Olsen, Registrar, on 01273 503452 for further assistance.