Activities & Clubs

There is a broad range of co-curricular activities available to Prep School pupils in Years 3 to 8. Most after school clubs are free and the programme may change over the school year from term to term. Our clubs are popular and some pupils even join five clubs a week! This year’s activities cover a wide variety with, we hope, something for everyone to enjoy:

  • Art
  • Choir (Junior or Senior)
  • Coding
  • Computing
  • Cookery
  • Debating
  • Drama
  • Farm Club
  • Netball
  • Orchestra
  • Performance
  • Philosophy
  • Rounders
  • Tag Rugby
  • Science
  • Soccer
  • Ukulele
  • Wind Band

Information regarding clubs this term is available on the Summer Term Activities and Clubs pdf

Holiday Club

Our Holiday Clubs run, subject to demand, for most weeks of the school holidays and are open to both Lancing Prep Worthing pupils and children from outside the school. We are working towards a holiday programme containing two activity streams – an Early Years and Fun Club for children up to seven years of age and a variety of Activity Clubs for those in Year 3 and above, some of these will be provided by school staff and some by external providers. Within each stream there will be a combination of sporting activities, performing arts, creative and fun activities. At present our Holiday Clubs cater for children throughout the whole school age range. Holiday Activities are advertised in advance at school and through the website. Attending our Holiday Activities is on a pre-booked and paid-for basis. For further information please contact the school.