We aim to encourage all our pupils to enjoy and take pleasure in the creative process. Children develop confident and enthusiastic attitudes towards Art by encouraging a sense of achievement.

Pupils develop the ability to communicate ideas, feelings and opinions about their own work and that of other artists and they develop the perceptual skills essential to making effective personal responses to both the imagined and man-made world. We provide progression that builds upon previous experience and extends capability further through the exploration of a widening range of media and techniques, both 2D and 3D.

About the Curriculum

Art in Years 1 and 2 is taught by the form tutor and an integrated approach is used, which allocates time to ensure appropriate levels of confidence and competence are developed. Children are given the opportunity for exploration, experimentation and instruction in handling tools and materials.

Teaching Approach

Years 3 – 8 are taught in the specialist art and design room. Art and Design is allocated approximately one hour and 45 minutes of specialist teacher time. Activities are sequenced to ensure continuity and progression. Pupils learn through a combination of direct teaching, providing them with real experience, use of teacher prepared materials and other artists’ work.

These activities are enhanced by visits to museums and art galleries, visiting artists and the art clubs which are available twice weekly for Prep pupils from Year 4 and above. Within classes, children are taught individually and in groups which may be organised by ability, (mixed or similar) age, friendship, or other criteria. Group work is organised so as to provide co-operation and effective learning and understanding as a class – where introductions and discussions are appropriate.