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Hello everyone,

Covid-19 time capsule

You may have seen that I have set an optional task on the VLE about a COVID-19 Time Capsule. Many of you have chosen to use the resources attached to the task, and many of you have invented your own ways of creating a ‘time capsule’. Thank you so much if you have sent in pictures!

These are really strange times that we are living through at the moment. This is like nothing you have experienced before, and nothing like your parents and grandparents have experienced before. Creating a time capsule will encourage you to reflect on this time and this is hugely beneficial to your emotional wellbeing. It will also provide first-hand historical evidence of the global pandemic of 2020. You will be an historian! I can guarantee that in future years you will be grateful that you made the effort to record these times.

Your ‘time capsule’ could take any form and be decorated however you choose: a scrap book, a folder, a plastic container, cardboard box, basket, tote bag, etc. Use it to capture your feelings, to describe how life changed for you and your family and to record memories and events. You could include:

  • printable time capsule booklet or worksheets
  • a local paper with Covid-19 headlines
  • a national newspaper
  • a 2020 dated coin
  • memorabilia from a day in the garden or a nature/beach walk
  • a note from each family member with memorable lockdown events
  • a letter to yourself including date, age, friends, feelings, worries, future plans, etc.
  • a painted pebble with the date on
  • a letter from a grandparent
  • a ‘When this is over . . . ‘ poem
  • a current magazine
  • your handprints (so in future years you can remember how small you were!)
  • a piece of toilet paper and a hand wipe for humour!
  • pressed flowers
  • a copy of the Government letter about the global pandemic
  • photos of things you have done, baked, made, learned.

the storm will end

Although times are difficult now in many ways, there is also much to celebrate and to be grateful for. Just as Victor Hugo (19th century poet and writer) said, “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”; this storm will pass, the rainbow will bring us hope, the dark clouds will slowly disappear and the sun will shine on us again. Covid-19 won’t be our new normal forever, and we will all be back together again soon with our extended family, our friends and our school community.

With love,
Mrs Pelling and the Wellbeing Team x

Links to the resources from the VLE: