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The Hive Online Edition 4
Just a few days to go before a much-needed Half Term break. Here is Edition 4 of The Hive Wellbeing Newsletter! There's a recipe for making your own homemade Fortune Cookies and lots more! Click
| Helen Pelling
Resilience, perseverance, empowerment and … procrastination
Let’s start with Procrastination… When I started to write this article a few weeks ago it was about French winter festivals and their associated yummy recipes. The days passed and the article was still on
| Aurore Valentin
The Hive Online
This week's Hive Newsletter includes, amongst other items, a delicious recipe for pitta pizza, a pets corner picture gallery and shows how to perform 'the plank'! It is now available to read by clicking the
| Helen Pelling
Aiming for Hope and Kindness
As a child and then a teenager at school, I studied history, and my interest in the subject took me through to A level, but never in my life have I been more conscious that
| Heather Beeby
The Hive 27 01 21
Our second Hive Newsletter this term!
| Helen Pelling
Life lessons with the Under 5s
Working with the Under 5s - Lessons for Life! I have worked in Early Years education for the last 10 years. I came to this comparatively late; I did not even think about a career
| Tamar Richards
The Hive 20 02 21
Welcome back to The Hive Online. With the current restrictions in place and our pupils learning remotely, whether at home or at school if children of critical workers, we are resuming our online wellbeing support
| Helen Pelling
Trying and Failing
“I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying” – Michael Jordan, Basketball player I was once quite good at playing football. I played at county level for West Sussex and had trials for
| Keith Richards
Jump Back July
Mrs Pelling on resilience and bouncing back
| Helen Pelling