ELSA Emotional Literacy Support

We offer a programme of support in school for those children who are having a difficult time for any reason. Just as we would offer support for a child who may be finding any aspect of the curriculum difficult, we want to be able to support our children with all aspects of their life. An ELSA is trained to help children who are experiencing difficulties with: identifying, handling, and expressing emotions and feelings. The sessions are run by Mrs Brown, our Wellbeing Lead, Mental health First Aider, and trained ELSA, during the school day.

What is an ELSA?

An ELSA is a member of staff who has had special training from educational psychologists to support the emotional development of children in school. ELSAs help children learn to understand their own emotions and those of others. They provide the time and space for pupils to think about their personal circumstances and how to best manage them and improve their wellbeing.


What can ELSA interventions help with?

Recognising emotions, Empathy, Social Skills, Friendship Skills, Trauma, Loss and Bereavement, Anxiety, Self Esteem, Transition, Exam and School Challenges, Anger Management, Regulation and building Resilience.

It’s helped me figure out my emotions. Helped me with strategies to help me with my anger. Talking helps me with my anxiety and helps me understand my worries aren’t actually that big.

Lancing Prep Worthing Pupil



What does an ELSA do?

The ELSA programme aims to help pupils to learn some specific new skills and coping strategies. Clear targets will be set, and the session will have an objective - helping the pupil understand or achieve a specific aim. We want all children at our school to be nurtured in accordance with their individual needs. When facing a challenge, they will usually be able to cope without that extra support. However, sessions are there to support those children who need a little extra help.

It’s helped me with strategies, before I couldn’t calm myself down but now I can, I use them to help me.

Lancing Prep Worthing Pupil



How does ELSA work?

We will find a suitable time for weekly sessions to begin during your child's school day. ELSA sessions can be individual or in small groups depend on the support needed. Sessions are conducted in the Hive and are fun. We use a range of activities such as games, role-play, arts & craft informal conversations, reading and many more. The Sessions are child led and go at their pace. These sessions are based on therapeutic work and activities to support the development of emotional literacy and wellbeing.

I’ve got a lot more confident, and sessions are supportive. I’ve learnt how to deal with my emotions and friendships. I have become a bigger person making the effort to integrate with others. I’ve learnt how to stay positive. I look forward to it.

Lancing Prep Worthing Pupil


Supporting – not Fixing

ELSAs are not therapists or can fix children's problems however we can provide emotional support to build the children's resilience and emotional understanding and provide them skills and develop strategies to manage better. We aim to establish a warm, respectful and trusting relationship with a pupil and to provide a space where they feel safe, can relax and share their thoughts and feelings at their own pace and have the confidence to ask for help.

I feel safe, and I can talk about things I need to.

Lancing Prep Worthing Pupil

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Email Mrs Emily Brown to learn more about Lancing Prep Worthing's ELSA support.

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Additional Reading

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