Gifted & Talented

As an unashamedly academic school we are committed to providing an environment which challenges and encourages all pupils to maximise their potential, including pupils who we identify as being more able.

The most able are encouraged to aim high by the school’s identification of gifted and talented pupils and increasing attention to their needs, in and out of lessons.

ISI Inspection January 2014

A more able pupil is one whose ability in any subject is significantly and consistently above the expectation for their age. More able pupils are provided with extension and enrichment opportunities within lessons, school activities and through participation in competitions and events with which our school is involved.

These opportunities are not necessarily exclusively offered to those pupils on our A, G and T list as we recognise the part interest and enthusiasm can play in achievement; a child who is intrinsically interested in science or who has a passion for history may well enjoy these challenging activities too.