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The Wellbeing team at LPW is based in Mrs Pelling's room, now known as "The Hive".
We continue to offer support to pupils on this page so please check back regularly to see the latest posts.

Daily update from The Hive...

Thursday 26 March

To all the Lancing Prep at Worthing family

So, how are you all doing? The sun is still shining so keep getting outside (safely) if you can – how about a picnic lunch in the garden/on the balcony/next to a wide-open window? Breathe in that fresh air, take a moment to relax and think:

· 5 things you can see
· 4 things you can feel
· 3 things you can hear
· 2 things you can smell
· 1 thing you can taste

You will all be receiving some resources from Mrs Brown this week. The Wellbeing Team would love it if you could mindfully decorate one part of a ‘positive paper chain’ that you will be sent. When we are all back together, we will connect all the parts together to create a long paper chain to decorate our school. One school, one chain with lots of positive links.

We would also love you to draw, paint or make a rainbow to put in your window, with your grown-up’s permission. The bigger the better! Rainbows represent joy and hope and will bring cheer to people walking past your home on their daily walks. We would love to see your pictures, too –

email them to Mrs Pelling and Mrs Brown  or ask your grown-up to post them on our Instagram or Twitter pages.

With love from
The Wellbeing Team x

Wednesday 25 March

This is not what any of us expected. It is ok to feel sad, scared, angry, confused... 
Life always changes, there are always ups and downs, there is always the expected and the unexpected.
Together we can look upon this stage in our lives as an experience to make us stronger, to make us kinder and to make us take note of the truly important things in life.
Mrs Pelling read a great quote on social media last week about viruses being contagious, but that love, kindness and gratitude are also contagious. Let’s spread those things instead!


  • Create a new routine to your day including schoolwork and downtime.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Stay connected. Keep in touch with friends and family. Plan a time for FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and group chats etc. remembering kindness always. Especially now.
  • Exercise is so important for your wellbeing but be mindful of the rules around social distancing and the 2-metre rule. There are lots of YouTube tutorials, so this is a great chance to get fit!
  • Try new relaxation techniques: ‘Breathe’ and ‘Calm’ are free apps, for example.
  • Learn something new.Help others. Kindness is good for our own wellbeing

Whilst school is closed, if you have any worries or concerns (about any non-learning related issue), please contact a member of the Wellbeing Team by email and somebody will get back to you as soon as we can. 
Mindful of our email filters and importantly GDPR, we will only respond to emails that are already on our systems, so please use your school email address or ask your parents' permission to use their email accounts that are registered with us. 

Remember the Wellbeing Team are still here for you (contact details below).
Keep safe and healthy. Keep loving your learning. Keep being kind. Keep going out into the world and doing good, even though you now need to do this from home.
We know you will carry on making us proud.

The Wellbeing Team x

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Here are some useful websites:

Link to Mind mental health charity

Link to Young  Minds mental health charity for young people

Link to Anna Freud Family and Children Centre website

Link to Headspace website

Link to Calm websiteLink to NSPCC websiteLInk to Childline website