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Wednesday 6 May

Be Active

Five ways to wellbeing

The final of the five ways to wellbeing is ‘be active’. We may assume that this means doing an exercise class every day, taking up a new sport, hula-hooping 26 times every 26 minutes while running 5k, or breaking a Guinness World Record (all of which would be wonderful if you like the sound of it!), yet being active can be achieved through all sorts of other activities.

Being active means anything that involves moving our bodies. Right now, life means that we aren’t moving around as much as we usually do. We are now sitting at our computer or device to do our school work, then maybe watching a movie, and maybe some iPad or Xbox time. We might be forgetting to move around as much as we would during break and lunch, during PE and Drama lessons, during our clubs and our walk home from school. It can be really hard to motivate ourselves! This will impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Being active can lift our mood, reduce stress and anxiety, clear our thinking, increase self-esteem and create a sense of calm.

We are all different and we will all have different ways to enjoy being active. Let’s think of some ideas:

  • Declutter your bedroom or that pesky drawer full of ‘stuff’
  • Boogie to your favourite song
  • Learn a new dance routine
  • Go for a walk
  • Go outside
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Play a game
  • Do some gardening
  • Cleaning the kitchen
  • Create an obstacle course in the garden
  • Build a indoor den on a rainy day
  • Hoovering the house (and perhaps recreate Queen’s ‘I Want to Break Free’ video!)
  • Look on the VLE for PE tasks set by our fab PE department
  • Take part in the Specsavers Virtual Sussex School Games
  • Daily exercise fix with Joe Wicks
  • Download a yoga app

However we chose to be active, just getting our bodies moving can really benefit how we feel and our mental health . . . even if it is just a short walk.

Walking is Man's Best Medicine

I hope you have found that learning about the five ways to wellbeing has been helpful. Just five ways. Take notice. Connect. Give. Keep learning. Be active.

Love from
Mrs Pelling x

Monday 4 May

Five ways to wellbeing

Keep Learning

Keep calm and keep learning

We have all learnt about fixed and growth mindsets, and how scientific evidence shows that there is always more that we can learn. Our brains will never be at full capacity, even when it sometimes feels that way! It is good for our wellbeing to be learning. We get a real sense of achievement when we set ourselves a target, and an even bigger one when we complete the challenge.

‘Keep Learning’ is another of the five ways to wellbeing. I truly believe that, when we are all back together in school, we will be celebrating so much more than achieving the set tasks on the VLE. Working out how to use the VLE and Teams is surely the biggest achievement of all?! I believe that we will be celebrating and remembering fondly the huge amount of other learning that has been taking place during lockdown:

  • Learning to cook or bake
  • Following a pattern to make a protective face mask 
  • Using acrylics to paint pebbles
  • Learning a new language
  • DIY
  • Learning how to take care of and hatch chicks
  • Teaching your pet a new trick
  • Taking on a new sports challenge 
  • Perfecting a new dance routine
  • Journalling or keeping a gratitude diary 
  • Learning a new piece of music on your instrument
  • Gardening 
  • Photography and videography 
  • Teaching something to your sibling or parent 
  • Origami 

You have been brilliant in letting us know how you are continuing to following our school ethos in loving your learning during this time - we thank you very much! Perhaps something in the list above appeals to you? Perhaps you have something to add to the list? 

Be open to new opportunities, embrace new experiences, surprise yourself. Your wellbeing will thank you for keeping on learning!

So, stay connected, take notice, keep giving, and love your learning.
Mrs Pelling x


Friday 1 May

Five ways to wellbeing


Hello again, everyone!

Another of the five ways to wellbeing is to ‘give’. Many of us have been completing various challenges and donating money to the NHS and important charities. Giving money is a way that we can show our gratitude to the people and organisations that are working so hard to keep us safe. Feeling, expressing and doing everything we can to show gratefulness is so important right now.

Give and Cake charity campaign

I am taking part in #GiveAndCake for Young Minds, the children and young people’s mental health charity. The money they raise goes towards staying connected with and supporting children and young people. I have donated the amount of money I would have spent on coffee and cake, when catching up in a coffee shop with one of my best friends. We would have hugged as we greeted each other, smiled and chatted with our server and the other people in the queue. We would have shared the positives of our week over our coffee and cake, then patted each other’s hand if one of us became upset sharing some of the not-so-positives. Instead, I will FaceTime with her (with coffee and cake!) – we will connect, talk, listen, share and support each other that way. We will make sure that we both know we are there for each other.

As we know from reflecting on the last post here about ‘connecting’, these interactions with family and friends is so important for our wellbeing. While it is sad that we cannot do this in the usual way right now, and while we do have to distance our bodies, we do not have to distance our hearts, our voices or our faces on screen!

So, giving is not all about money. We can give our time, our words, our thoughts, our love. Giving creates a ripple effect, too, like kindness. What will you ‘give’ this week?

Will you clap for our carers and key workers? Will you get sponsored for the £5 for 5K challenge for the NHS? Will you check-in (safely) with an older relative or neighbour to see if they need anything? Will you message a friend to tell them you are thinking of them? Will you find out how to volunteer online? Will you give your teachers a great big smile on Teams? Will you tell your grown-ups to have a sit down while you play quietly in your room/watch a film with headphones on/tidy the kitchen/make lunch for everyone?

Not only will you be ‘giving’ something to someone – your time, words, love, kindness – but you will also be improving your wellbeing. Please do share what you are doing with us – we LOVE to hear from you.

Stay safe,
Mrs Pelling x

Link to Young Minds Give and Cake campaign

 LInk to Childline website Link to NSPCC website Link to Mind mental health charity

Sussex NHS mental health helpline


Wednesday 29 April

Five ways to wellbeing


Stay connected‘Connect’ is another one of the five ways to wellbeing. Who will you connect with today and how? There are so many ways to stay in touch with those that we cannot be with right now: phone call, email, text, What’s App, FaceTime, Instagram, Teams, Zoom, House Party, writing a letter and more. 

Connecting is about talking and listening. It is about making contact and making links. Connecting is about making meaning and making a difference. To you and to others. Feeling connected is essential for our wellbeing.  

Whom will you connect with today? Who needs to know you are thinking of them? Who will make you smile and feel good? Don’t you find that sometimes someone just pops into your head? If that happens then that could be the person you need to reach out to today. Just knowing that someone is thinking of you can make all the difference. 

Remember that the Wellbeing Team is always here if you need to connect with us. We are just an email, Teams meeting or phone call away.

During these times, we are connecting with others online more than ever before. Do remember everything you have learned about online safety and behaviour and always, always choose kindness. Especially now. These links may be helpful:

Stay safe and stay connected,
With love, 
Mrs Pelling x


Monday 27 April

Five ways to wellbeing

I have been thinking a lot lately about the five ways to wellbeing - be active, keep learning, connect, give and take notice. These have been helping me to stay focused and to do my very best to stay positive. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, isn’t always terribly easy at the moment.

Take notice - five ways to wellbeing

For the next couple of days, I’m going to ‘take notice’. I am going to remember the simple things that bring me joy and that I am grateful for: my family, health, my garden beginning to bloom, watching my cat sleeping, FaceTiming my mum, messages from friends, my 10kg bag of pasta bought from a local shop, watching TV shows that make me laugh out loud, matching up all the odd socks in the house, hearing from you lovely lot . . . 

So, who is with me? Let’s all take notice of those little things that make us happy. I will upload some resources onto the VLE as an optional task that might be interesting and helpful. Keep a lookout and do let me know how you get on. 

Stay safe and remember to look after your emotional health, too.

With love from, 

Mrs Pelling x


Welcome back

Update from The Hive: 21.04.20

Welcome back to all the LPW family!

I do hope you were able to enjoy the Easter holidays and used your resourceful and resilient learning skills to find interesting things to do? I’d love to hear what you have been up to! Let me know by email.

Today is the start of our new term and I hope you are looking forward to this new way of loving your learning, being kind and finding ways to do good in the world.

The new timetable has started today, too. Most of you will be set a small number of daily tasks on the VLE that I suggest you get started first thing in the morning after a good sleep, your breakfast has been eaten, you are washed and dressed, your teeth are brushed and you have made your bed. I’m not just saying that because I am a teacher and a mum! It’s really important right now, more than ever, for us all to have a good healthy morning routine so that we can start each day fresh and in a positive mindset.

You will also have a selection of optional tasks on the VLE that you can choose from to keep you busy in the afternoon. If you have other plans such as: preparing and cooking dinner, practising your musical instrument, exercising, art or crafts, reading, watching a movie or a documentary, checking out BBC Bitesize, helping in the community (safely), gardening, listening to music or a podcast, etc. then that it absolutely fine, too. As long as you are completing your ‘expected’ tasks, engaging in your learning, staying connected and keeping happily busy, then that is just fine!

If you do find yourself at a loose end though, how about a guided tour of Central Park in New York:

Or experience some of the rides at Disneyland:

Remember, just as the door to The Hive in school is always open to you, the Wellbeing Team is still here for you. We are just an email away!

Stay safe, look after yourself – physically and mentally, and stay connected.

With love from,
Mrs Pelling x


Thursday 2 April

To all the Lancing Prep at Worthing family

Self Care Challenges

It is important that we take care of ourselves during this time – our bodies and our minds. Staying connected is so important. Connected to our family and friends, connected to the things we love doing, connected to our environment, to nature and to our feelings.

Your teachers and support staff have been staying connected, too. We have been What’s App-ing and some of us have even braved Zoom and Teams (which was very noisy, and Mrs Milling had to mute us all!). These are a few of the activities that your teachers have been engaging in and sharing this week:

  • baking cakes
  • decorating the spare room
  • walking dogs
  • Facetime, What’s App, Skype, Zoom, Teams
  • taking photographs of nature
  • doing jigsaw puzzles
  • delivering food to vulnerable relatives
  • volunteering at the food bank
  • home-schooling
  • art and craft, colouring, painting, knitting
  • spring cleaning
  • workouts in the garden
  • reading lots
  • making a time capsule
  • gardening
  • growing a beard!
  • Netflix

What can you do to take care of yourself, to stay physically and emotionally healthy and to stay connected? Make a list of things you would like to do during the Easter break and tick each one off as achieve it.

Stay safe and stay connected,

With love from
The Wellbeing Team x



Wednesday 1 April

To all the Lancing Prep at Worthing family

Good morning from The Hive

Wow! What a lot of rainbows our little school has created. Thank you so much everybody, you are all playing an important part in spreading joy and hope. Well done you! Remember to keep your decorated ‘positive paper chains’ somewhere safe. When we are all back together again, we can link them up and decorate the school with them. One school, one chain. One chain made up of many beautiful, strong positive links.

You are now a couple of days into your Easter break and I do hope that you are able to have some chill-out time. We know that last week was challenging for some of you with tasks flying at you from every direction on the VLE (once it started working!). Distance learning is new to us all; we are all trying hard to get the hang of it. After Easter, it will be better, easier and more manageable. You are all doing brilliantly, and the teachers love hearing from you. We are missing you very much.

Tomorrow’s post will reflect on what you can be doing with your time at home during the break from school. We would love to hear what you have been up to. Email Mrs Pelling with your suggestions.

Stay safe and stay connected,

With love from
The Wellbeing Team x

PS Remember, we are still here!

Thursday 26 March

To all the Lancing Prep at Worthing family

So, how are you all doing? The sun is still shining so keep getting outside (safely) if you can – how about a picnic lunch in the garden/on the balcony/next to a wide-open window? Breathe in that fresh air, take a moment to relax and think:

· 5 things you can see
· 4 things you can feel
· 3 things you can hear
· 2 things you can smell
· 1 thing you can taste

You will all be receiving some resources from Mrs Brown this week. The Wellbeing Team would love it if you could mindfully decorate one part of a ‘positive paper chain’ that you will be sent. When we are all back together, we will connect all the parts together to create a long paper chain to decorate our school. One school, one chain with lots of positive links.

We would also love you to draw, paint or make a rainbow to put in your window, with your grown-up’s permission. The bigger the better! Rainbows represent joy and hope and will bring cheer to people walking past your home on their daily walks. We would love to see your pictures, too –

email them to Mrs Pelling and Mrs Brown  or ask your grown-up to post them on our Instagram or Twitter pages.

With love from
The Wellbeing Team x

Wednesday 25 March

This is not what any of us expected. It is ok to feel sad, scared, angry, confused... 
Life always changes, there are always ups and downs, there is always the expected and the unexpected.
Together we can look upon this stage in our lives as an experience to make us stronger, to make us kinder and to make us take note of the truly important things in life.
Mrs Pelling read a great quote on social media last week about viruses being contagious, but that love, kindness and gratitude are also contagious. Let’s spread those things instead!


  • Create a new routine to your day including schoolwork and downtime.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Stay connected. Keep in touch with friends and family. Plan a time for FaceTime, Zoom, Skype and group chats etc. remembering kindness always. Especially now.
  • Exercise is so important for your wellbeing but be mindful of the rules around social distancing and the 2-metre rule. There are lots of YouTube tutorials, so this is a great chance to get fit!
  • Try new relaxation techniques: ‘Breathe’ and ‘Calm’ are free apps, for example.
  • Learn something new.Help others. Kindness is good for our own wellbeing

Whilst school is closed, if you have any worries or concerns (about any non-learning related issue), please contact a member of the Wellbeing Team by email and somebody will get back to you as soon as we can. 
Mindful of our email filters and importantly GDPR, we will only respond to emails that are already on our systems, so please use your school email address or ask your parents' permission to use their email accounts that are registered with us. 

Remember the Wellbeing Team are still here for you (contact details below).
Keep safe and healthy. Keep loving your learning. Keep being kind. Keep going out into the world and doing good, even though you now need to do this from home.
We know you will carry on making us proud.

The Wellbeing Team x

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Here are some useful websites:

Link to Mind mental health charity

Link to Young  Minds mental health charity for young people

Link to Anna Freud Family and Children Centre website

Link to Headspace website

Link to Calm websiteLink to NSPCC websiteLInk to Childline website