Leaver Destinations & Results

Summer 2018 CAS Results

All scholarship candidates gained awards to their chosen school. 

English 83% A*-B
Mathematics 67% A*-C
Science 100% A*-C
French 100% A*-B
Geography 100% A*-C
History 100% A*-C
RS 83% A*-C

English and French were particular strengths, with 50% and 67% A*-A grades respectively. In addition, the scholars took CE Latin Level 2 and achieved 100% A*-A grades

Summer 2018 Common Entrance Results

All candidates applying to schools requiring CE gained their places.

English 85% A*-C
Mathematics 85% A*-C
Science 85% A*-C
French 100% A*-C
Geography 71% A*-C
History 100% A*-C
RS 100% A*-C

Our Year 8 pupils leave us well prepared and ready for their senior schools. They exemplify the Lancing Prep Worthing passion for learning and we are confident that they will go out into the world and make a difference. We wish them every success and happiness in the future.

Destinations and Awards granted to our Year 8 leavers (Summer 2018):

  • Alex B: Lancing College - Academic Scholar
  • Joseph C: Lancing College - Headmaster's Award
  • Theo C: Lancing College - Drama Scholar & Academic Exhibitioner
  • Felix D: Lancing College
  • Ethan F: Lancing College
  • Abbie F: Durrington High School
  • Bradley H: Lancing College - Drama Scholar
  • Henry H: Lancing College - Headmaster's Award
  • Charlie J: Steyning Grammar School
  • Keir K: St Andrew's CE High School
  • Loic M: Our Lady of Sion
  • Zach R: Steyning Grammar School
  • Ozzy R: Lancing College, Sports Scholar
  • Erin R: Lancing College, Academic Exhibitioner and Art Exhibitioner
  • Henry S: Lancing College, Academic Scholar and Sports Exhibitioner
  • Jude S: Lancing College
  • Erin W: Brighton College - Millennium Award
  • Thomas W: Lancing College, Academic Scholar

Destinations and Awards granted to our Year 8 leavers (Summer 2017):

  • Ethan A: Our Lady of Sion School
  • Max B:  Lancing College - Academic Exhibitioner
  • Ben B: Lancing College - Academic Scholar
  • Grace B:  Lancing College - Sports Scholar
  • Charina G:  Lancing College - Ken Shearwood Award (for Drama, Art & Sport)
  • James J:  Lancing College - Headmaster's Award (for strong all-round performance)
  • Faris K:  Lancing College - Sports Scholar
  • Ben M-S:  Lancing College - Academic Exhibitioner & Music Exhibitioner
  • Kit O: Christ's Hospital
  • George N:  Lancing College - Sports Scholar
  • Ruben S-B: Steyning Grammar School
  • Jack W:  Seaford College - Sports Scholar

Destinations and awards of our Year 8 leavers (Summer 2016):

  • William C:  Worthing High
  • Jamie C: Seaford College
  • Olesia G:  Lancing College
  • Tony K: Lancing College
  • Claudia L: Lancing College, Music Exhibitioner
  • Matthew M: Sherborne School, Music Scholar
  • Nelu M: Lancing College, Sports Scholar and Academic Exhibitioner
  • Kevin M: Steyning Grammar
  • Kieren P: Steyning Grammar
  • William S: Lancing College, Academic Scholar and Ken Shearwood Award