Imam Idris visits Lancing Prep Worthing

As part of the school's ongoing Religion, Ethics and Philosophy, Lancing Prep Worthing pupils welcomed Imam Idris from the Worthing Mosque to school this week. With the dreadful events in New Zealand so fresh in everyone’s minds, it was timely that the Imam came to meet the pupils.

The Imam spoke eloquently and simply to the children about the faith of Islam, the prejudices that Muslims face and the rising tide of Islamophobia that in no reflects the reality of the overwhelming majority of the members of Islam. He also spoke movingly about his own faith journey.

Afterwards, Year 8 wrote letters thanking Imam Idris for his visit; here are just a few of their comments:

“… in your talk today I learnt how similar Islam is to Judaism and Christianity – I found it staggering how conflict occurs… Also I was intrigued by the newspaper articles, merely fuelling the fire that is the irrational fear of Muslims. These are items that everyone should be aware of. Thank you for this” Alex M

“Although I was already aware of Islamophobia, I was shocked as you revealed the extent of it ... To me it seems almost ridiculous to have prejudice against a group of people who merely want to live a good, kind life close to God.” Bea T

“There was also one message that I think everyone should hear: That if you are a Muslim, it does certainly not mean that you are responsible for terrorist attacks and that people who belong to Islamic State, or have terrorist beliefs, only make up 0.001% of Muslims. I believe everyone should be aware of this.” Harry S

“Again, it shocked me that a person of another religion would have to kill 17 times more people than a Muslim to be called a terrorist. Also, how Islamophobia causes some people to paint swastikas on the gravestones of Muslims. I had no idea about the conflict Muslims face.” Pippa S

Imam Idris visits Lancing Prep Worthing