Lancing Prep Worthing sleuths solve the mystery

On 22 May, the whole school had an adventure at our annual ‘Third Generation Day’, a day which we aim to make so memorable for the children that they remember it to tell their grandchildren!

On their arrival at school the pupils were greeted with a gleaming Aston Martin parked in the playground and music from the Bond films pouring out from loudspeakers. They were led into the hall where they were sorted into teams, each team headed by a secret agent, and watched a film which set the scene – the Bursar being kidnapped for the children’s ice cream money by a group of very suspicious looking characters who were not immediately identifiable!

We then travelled to Lancing College where the children interviewed suspects and undertook a series of code-breaking activities all morning to identify the kidnappers. Eventually the Bursar was released and arrived back at school in an ice cream van which played its merry tunes as it travelled up the drive to the College. The children enjoyed their ice creams which were refreshing on a warm spring afternoon. It was such fun and the identities of the kidnappers were rather unexpected!