Year 6 win School Science Challenge

On Tuesday 16 May, our Year 6 pupils travelled up to the College for the annual Lancing College Prep School Science Challenge.

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Our Biology team consisted of Matthew, Pippa, Beatrice and Lucia. They had to put body parts into a body, make a food web and make a bird’s nest, to name but a few of the challenges. The Chemists, James A, George and Teddy had to carry out an investigation to see the difference in temperature using different amounts of sodium hydrogen carbonate and citric acid. For the Physics challenge, our intrepid team of Jack, Archie, Alex and James N had to find the volume of a drop of water, the period of a pendulum and find the thickness of a sheet of paper. Jack and James were busy making an aerodynamic shape that they could.

We then visited the College Farm and listened to talks about farming at the college. Fortunately it was a beautiful afternoon! Then came the time for the prize giving. Despite not winning any  individual subject prizes, the children performed consistently well and were delighted when Mr Preston announced that Lancing College Prep at Worthing were the overall winner of this year's trophy.

Well done Year 6, we are so proud of you all.