Children progress to the Prep School at 7+, and a small number of pupils join us at this stage from other schools, if space is available. 

There are six year groups in the Prep and we have no more than 20 pupils in each class.

In Years 3 and 4 children are predominantly taught by class teachers, with subject specialists in French, Art, Music, DT, computing and PE. 

All the elements of the new National Curriculum are covered with particular emphasis on core subjects. From Year 5, most of a child’s weekly timetable is taught by subject specialists. Pupils’ learning is very carefully monitored by subject staff, form teachers and the Head Teacher. There are twice-yearly reports and twice-yearly parents’ meetings, but parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s work at any time in the school year. 

The school is divided into four houses, and house points provide a highly motivating reward system for the pupils. Rewards are given for effort as well as achievement and for success in co-curricular areas such as Sport and Music.