Rosanna Wicks (Manor 2012-2017)

A freelance musician, who performed with the Tenebrae Choir
Rosanna Wicks

What A Levels did you study?

Music, History and Latin A level, Mathematics AS Level in my first year, Ancient Greek as AS Level in my final year.

If you went to university, where did you go and what did you study? If you didn’t go to university, what did you do instead?

I went to Durham University to study a BA in Classics and graduated in August 2020 with a 2:1.

What are you doing now and what plans do you have for the future?

I am a freelance musician, hoping to sing with choirs when things return to normal. In July 2020 I was lucky enough to go to Granada in Spain with the Tenebrae Choir to perform the first concert from a UK choir after lockdown. In the absence of live performance, I have been freelance recording and working behind the scenes to make concerts happen. To support my skillset, I am doing an online bookkeeping course. In the future I hope to work again as a freelance musician.

What influence has Lancing College had on your life?

Lancing has had a huge impact on my life. I am so proud of all the music-making in my time, and I have made great friends from many areas of my school life. But more broadly, Lancing taught me to have a great work ethic in order to achieve my goals alongside my love of sport and extra-curricular music. I studied Classics at university but spent much of my time singing and playing the cello, and I also managed to play hockey for the university. In addition, the spiritual and emotional guidance Lancing provided has proved invaluable in later life. There were some key staff at Lancing who really looked out for me and supported me, from my housemistress and matron in Manor House, to my tutor Dr Kerney, the music department, and the sports staff.  

What hobbies or interests did you pick up during your time at Lancing?

I arrived having been a chorister at Salisbury Cathedral with a music scholarship (the Walter Stanton) and knew that I was going to enjoy being fully involved in the choir, orchestras, string quartet, opera club. But Lancing helped me develop things that were otherwise in the background: hockey goalkeeping, love of Latin literature and history, and baking!

Are you still in touch with people you met at Lancing?

Yes, from all year groups. And at Durham there are a few OLs!

What OL activities have you taken part in since you left (i.e. OL sports events, Business Networks etc.)?

I have gone back to sing with the choir in broadcasts, concerts, and been back as a soloist in their College Singers concert. I am looking forward to being more active in OL events when I am based in London.

What advice would you give to a new pupil who is about to start at Lancing?

Enjoy it. Lancing has so many wonderful things to do alongside your studies so don't be afraid to take up new hobbies. Be yourself, it is such a welcoming place - the perfect size to get involved in many areas of College life and still feel at home.