Tara Slade (Manor 2010–2015)

Coxed for Cambridge in the 2018 boat races
Tara Slade

Which A Levels did you study?

English Literature, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.

If you went to university, where did you go and what did you study? If you didn’t go to university, what did you do instead?

I studied at the University of Cambridge, at Gonville and Caius College, initially studying medicine and gaining a first in my intercalation year and I am now studying for an MSc in Natural Sciences, History and Philosophy of Science.

What are you doing now and what plans do you have for the future?

Whilst studying for my Masters, which predominantly focuses on medical ethics, I have developed an interest in Law. I am currently looking into law conversion courses starting in 2020.

What influence has Lancing College had on your life?

Lancing prepared me for the independence of university in a way not many of the other ‘freshers’ were prepared for. The college also taught me to be true to myself and my interests, rather than being encouraged to fit a desired mould.

Which hobbies or interests did you pick up during your time at Lancing?

Whilst at Lancing I played netball, clarinet, piano, sung with the choir, was a Sergeant of the CCF RAF squad and a charities representative. Whilst at university I used many of the skills I learned during these extra-curricular activities to become a cox. I coxed for Cambridge in the 2018 boat races against Oxford. I also still busk with my clarinet from time to time.

Are you still in touch with people you met at Lancing?

Predominantly I remained in touch with the girls I boarded with, although I still see several former day students. I speak to my best friend who lives in Russia on Skype every holiday, and am planning to catch up with her in Milan in the spring.

Which OL activities have you taken part in since you left?

Due to commitments at university, I don’t always partake in these events, but I am able to keep up to date with The Quad and look forward to the annual carol services.

What advice would you give to a new pupil who is about to start at Lancing?

Lancing really prepares you for university life in a way I didn’t realise until I arrived at Cambridge. You get as much out of the College as you put in, so take the opportunity to immerse yourself and try the full range of activities until you find your niche. Regardless of having a faith or not, I think Chapel can be really important for teaching self-reflection and for me personally, how to cope with not being constantly on-the-go.