The Campaign

It is just over 40 years since the Chapel’s west wall and rose window were dedicated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales.

Today, The Friends of Lancing Chapel and the College are in the exciting position of being able to add the final touch to this glorious gothic masterpiece.

Lancing Chapel is the largest school chapel in the world and the fourth tallest ecclesiastical building in the British Isles. It houses both the largest rose window built in modern times and the last great tapestries woven on the William Morris looms, among other treasured memorials and works of art. It is also a building of major architectural importance. Yet it remains unfinished in one respect. It is now time for the Lancing community to join together to help put this right.

This is your chance to become involved in a remarkable moment in Lancing’s history. The new porch will be dedicated in 2021, recognising the significance of the Chapel in Nathaniel Woodard’s vision. He intended the Chapel to be a ‘challenge to materialism’ and the flagship for Lancing and all his schools, making it clear that the Christian faith is practised and taught here, and that its values remain at the very heart of the school.


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