Winnie Liu (Field's 2010 - 2012)

Works as a Private Wealth Management Analyst at Goldman Sachs
Winnie Liu

When did you join Lancing College?

I joined Lancing in the Sixth Form.

Which subjects did you study for A Level?

I studied Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Chemistry

Where did you go to university and what did you study?

I went to the London School of Economics (LSE), and studied Economics

What are your plans for the future?

I currently work as a Private Wealth Management analyst at Goldman Sachs. In the future I would like to start a campaign to raise public awareness of early education.

How has Lancing helped you get to where you are now?

Lancing allowed me the time and capacity to identify goals and lay out a plan for my future. The people around me (my teachers and classmates) provided great support during my time away from home.

Did you pick up any hobbies or interests during your time at Lancing?

I played various sports at Lancing and played the clarinet for the orchestra.

Have you kept in touch with people from Lancing?

The Lancing community has always been closely connected. I still talk to my Hong Kong Lancing friends and when OLs from other parts of the world visit Hong Kong, I always find the time to show them around. Lancing College also plans annual visits to host receptions, which I try to attend every year to catch up with OLs. I was able to attend the Hong Kong Reunion in 2018.