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Financial Information


Boarding £11,645 per term

Day £8,190 per term
(Occasional Overnight Stays £54 per night). 


SEN Lessons
£48.50 per session

Music Fees for 2017-2018
First Instrument £265 per term
Second Instrument £225 per term

Some of our peripatetic music staff are self-employed.
They set their own fees and send invoices directly to parents at the beginning of term. 

See the Terms and Conditions below.

Terms and Conditions (PDF)

  • Methods of Payment

    There are five options to pay your child’s School fees: 

    a. Cheque

    b. Online bank transfer

    Barclays Bank, 1 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HP

    Payee Name: Lancing College
    Sort Code: 20 - 65 - 82
    Account No: 60797049
    IBAN No: GB31BARC20658260797049
    SWIFT Code: BARC GB 22

    c. Direct Debit - (except for the first term your child attends Lancing) either full payment on the first day of term or in 3 instalments by Direct Debit (our Termly Instalment Scheme, see below), in contrast to the default position under our Parent Contract with you. Direct Debit payment is not available for the first term’s fees as there are often many choices of extras, leading to adjustments to the term’s invoice; the Direct Debit will therefore be available for the second term and beyond. 

    If you wish to pay by Direct Debit, please complete the Direct Debit Form and Mandate (below), and return to the Bursary by the end of the half term holiday of the preceding term. 

    Download Direct Debit Form (PDF, 125 KB)

    Download Mandate Form (PDF, 166 KB)

    Only one mandate is required for the duration of your child’s attendance at Lancing. 

    Payment by Direct Debit is only available to those parents who pay from a United Kingdom bank account. 

    Payment by Direct Debit (Termly Instalment Scheme). The School may, at its discretion, allow payment of a particular term’s fees to be made by three Direct Debit instalments during that term. This Scheme is known as the Termly Instalment Scheme. 

    Under the Termly Instalment Scheme the dates and amounts of that particular term’s fees will be set out in a separate agreement for that term. The School will not charge you any administration fees, interest, or other charges under the Termly Instalment Scheme. The first instalment is collected on the first day of term, and the next two instalments on the same date of the following two months.

    The School reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of the Termly Instalment Scheme at any time by giving you notice in writing before the beginning of any new school term. No agreement to accept payment on deferred terms will be valid unless it provides for no more than four payments within a 12 month period.

    If you wish to pay a term’s fees by instalment this will be subject to the Invoice Terms and Conditions. These invoice Terms and Conditions will operate as a variation of our Parent Contract with you, so please print a copy for your records.

    Download Invoice Terms and Conditions (20 KB)

    d. Debit Card

    e. Credit card - this is subject to a card handling fee which includes an administration charge (currently 2.5%). (AMEX 2.0%). Please note that from January 2018 we will not be accepting this method of payment due to changes in EU Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). 

    f. Bills and Online Payment (COMING SOON)

    It will soon be possible to view your Lancing College fee account on line and make direct payment through our new secure electronic payment portal. The payment portal is administered on our behalf by Worldpay, which uses industry standard security protocols to make sure that funds are transferred quickly and securely.

    You will receive an email from the College (during the Advent Term 2016) which will give you a secure link directly to the payment portal, where you will be able to log on and choose a password. We suggest that you use a different password from the one which you have selected to log on to the school portal.

    You are still able to choose to continue to settle your account by direct debit or direct payment into our bank account; the online payment option is in addition to our current payment arrangements and does not replace them.

    You will still be able to view your account on line, even if you choose to carry on using the payment method which you have used up until now.

    We hope that the additional payment method will be of help to you. We realise that most payments and banking are now carried out on line and expect that our secure portal will become the preferred method used by many of our parents to settle their accounts.

    Credit/Debit Cards (Pounds Sterling only)

    We are able to accept the following cards:

    Refund Policy : Refunds are only provided according to our terms and conditions.

    For queries on fees and online payment please contact:

    Mrs Catherine Hamlin or Mrs Wendy Smith on 01273 465903 or email

    If you experience any difficulties accessing the parent portal, please alert our IT Dept via email at the following address

  • Composition Fee Scheme

    Careful planning is required when considering such a major financial commitment and you might therefore be interested in the Lancing College Composition Fees Scheme. This scheme offers certain financial advantages if all or any part of the fees are paid in advance. Full details are available from the Bursar. 

  • Discount on Fees in Advance

    A discount is offered to those parents who wish to pay one year’s fees in advance. The relevant amount would need to be paid to the College by mid-August. Full details are available from the Bursar.

  • Pupil Insurance Schemes

    The following schemes are now provided by the College on an opt-in basis due to changes in legislation, payable by a termly premium.

    The main features are shown below. For full details of these covers please click on the attachments.

    A. Fees Refund Scheme – compensation for the loss of fees following the absence of your child for any medical reason including accident, sickness or quarantine.

    Qualifying period of absence: Boarders 8 days and Day pupils 5 days, including weekends.

    Fees Refund Scheme (PDF)

    B. Pupils’ Personal Effects Scheme – cover for wearing apparel and personal effects of pupils.

    Worldwide cover for College activities.
    Sum insured: £5,000. Subject to a limit any one article of £2,000.

    Pupils' Personal Effects Scheme (PDF)

    No responsibility can be accepted by the College in respect of loss of personal clothing or equipment.

    C. Pupils’ Healthcare Scheme provided by AXA PPP Healthcare – compensation for hospital and other private medical treatment. Participation is recommended unless the parent is covered under a separate family and/or company scheme.  Participation in this scheme is available from 1st September 2017 however strict application dates apply.

    Please note that Lancing College previously offered a healthcare scheme provided by BUPA.  Following a decision made by BUPA this cover is no longer available and cover will cease for any pupils who have previously been enrolled in the scheme on 31 August 2017.

    AXA PPP Pupils’ Healthcare Scheme (PDF)

    If you wish to opt in to these schemes, please contact the Fees Administration team at and they will provide the relevant forms.


    £1M Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance Scheme – Incorporating Dental Cover

    This scheme is not part of the opt-in insurances and your child is automatically included in the scheme as part of your fees.

    Strongly recommended by the School Council and Independent Schools’ Council. This Scheme provides compensation for total or partial permanent disability as a result of accidents.

    Maximum benefit: £1,000,000
    Worldwide cover, 365 days a year.
    Activities outside of College are also covered.

    Please contact the Fees Administration team at for more information.

  • Miscellaneous Charges

    The following will give parents some idea of the Extras that either will or may appear on pupils’ invoices. Communication between pupil and parent, and parent and Housemaster or Housemistress is essential to control extras. It is particularly important for those parents living abroad to make arrangements in advance for authority for extras to be vested in either the Housemaster/Housemistress or a guardian.

    The list is not exhaustive.


    The Head of Religious Studies has stressed the importance of all pupils having the same Bible, thus these will be supplied by the School and invoiced to parents.

    House Accounts

    Houses run banks which are used for charging House subscriptions - covering TV hire, newspapers etc. Pupils may bank pocket money with their Housemaster/Housemistress. Cash advances will not be allowed nor will we accept the settlement of overdrawn House accounts through invoices. Parents must ensure that their children have enough pocket money for the term and that House Accounts are topped up if necessary.


    The charge for joining the CCF is a one off payment of £105. This covers all activities, camps, trips, food, transport, etc. plus a pair of boots, for the whole duration of your son’s / daughter’s stay in the CCF.

    Design & Technology

    Pupils are charged for materials and consumables used in the construction of their own projects. For small, standard projects it is generally several pounds per project. More advanced projects and one-off individual, selective projects are billed at cost, which will be agreed with parents beforehand.

    Extra Laundry

    Laundry is, on the whole, covered under basic boarding fees but sometimes pupils want extra laundry done and this, together with dry cleaning, will incur an additional charge.

    Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme 

    This programme is a real adventure where pupils are able to combine their academic studies, sports commitments, and extracurricular responsibilities with their chosen Award. The Bronze Award may be started when the students turn 13.5 yrs, the Silver Award at 14.5 yrs, and the Gold Award on entering the Sixth Form. The fee for each Award covers expedition costs, camping, transport and supervision. Awards are achieved by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections (five if Gold is included), ie Volunteering, Physical, Skills, Expedition and a residential for Gold.

    Exam Fees

    There is a charge set by awarding bodies for sitting any public exam. The university entrance procedure costs will also be billed. If a transcript or other documentation is required, ie for an overseas university, a charge for DHL courier delivery will be billed.

    Foreign Exchanges 

    There are exchange trips to Germany and Spain.


    Termly charges are raised for individual lessons at a fixed rate per term covering a specific number of lessons. A half term’s written notice is required to discontinue music tuition. If not received, a half term’s charge is required in lieu of notice.
    Full details available from the Music School 01273 465968, or email Mr Christopher Langworthy:


    Arrangements are made for pupils, particularly senior ones, to go to a wide variety of events ranging from plays, concerts, and exhibitions to field courses. 

    Occasional Overnight Stays 

    There is an additional charge should day pupils stay overnight.


    There is an additional charge for each session.

    School Shop

    As the School Shop trades separately from the School, parents are required to settle bills directly with the Shop.


    The School currently runs bus services for day pupils from the surrounding areas.

    Transport is also available to and from airports at the start and end of each term and the cost of this will be added to the School account. Taxi fares or private car mileage to stations, dentists, doctors etc can be added to the end of term invoice.

    The cost of taxi trips home, travel to guardians, or any taxis used for social or personal trips may not be put on the school account.


    All resources must be returned or renewed at the Library before the end of each term. Pupils will be reminded to do this well in advance. If items are not returned or renewed, by the due date, the replacement cost will be included on the end of term account, plus an additional administration charge of £3.50 per item administration charge. Should items be returned after the end of term, the administration charge will still be incurred.

    Tier 4 Visas – International Students

    The increasingly strict procedures and identity checks required by the UK Government for International pupils requiring Tier 4 visas means these are now managed on behalf of Lancing College by the Taylor Partnership, a specialist and dedicated service. A charge of £95 per term will be included in your termly bill if your child is on a Tier 4 visa. The College is committed to ensuring that overseas pupils joining Lancing are dealt with in a fair and timely manner and we are assured that the Taylor Partnership will be able to do this.

    The Nathaniel Woodard Bursary Fund

    In 2011 Lancing College established a bursary fund in honour of its Founder in his bicentenary year. These Bicentenary Bursaries seek to extend the possibilities of enabling children from underprivileged backgrounds to benefit from a Lancing education. You are warmly invited to make a voluntary contribution to this Fund by donating £30 per term. The £30 will be included on your first invoice, and thereafter. Should you wish to opt out, please contact the Bursary. However, we hope that as many of you as possible will feel able to contribute. If you are a UK tax payer and would like your donation to be Gift Aided, please complete the Gift Aid form below.

    Gift Aid Form (PDF)

    We are extremely grateful to those who are able to support the fund.

    The Lancing Society

    This donation will give your son/daughter lifelong membership of The Old Lancing Club as well as lifelong membership for parents to the St Nicolas Association (current parents) and The Lancing Association (former parents).

    Please contact the Foundation Office for further information on:

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