Shirin Mirzayasheva

Shirin Mirzayasheva, OL

Manor 2017-2022, Medic Undergraduate at Keele University

Shirin Mirzayasheva was born and raised in a loving and supportive family. She went to a state primary and secondary school where she was given a solid foundation for her academic pursuits. She read about Lancing’s GCSE results and the achievements of the students inspired her desire to be part of such an educational environment. Undeterred by missing the scholarship application deadline, she visited the College, and expressed a fierce determination to join the community. She was awarded a drama scholarship and became one of the first students in the Foundationers programme.  

Lancing made Shirin feel as though she could achieve anything. This extended far beyond academics. She was not only supported in her desire to study medicine, but nurtured to develop her confidence in other areas, including sports, acting, and debating. All of this led to her being appointed Head Girl which fuelled her passion to help others.  

Drama held a special place in her heart, and it means so much to Shirin to have her portrait taken in Cherry Hall, next to the theatre. It was her involvement in theatrical performances that brought her some of her happiest moments - the theatre became a space where she could express herself and thrive creatively.  

One of her proudest achievements was delivering a sermon on racism to the school community. Her message resonated with the congregation of pupils and staff members, who admired her courage in addressing such an important subject.  

It is her passion to help others and a desire to have a fulfilling and challenging career that has led her to pursue a career in medicine. Shirin could not see herself following any other path and, as she continues her education at university, she remains steadfast in her commitment to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.