Classics Pupils Enjoy a Tour de Provence

The Fourth Form classicists recently returned from an extraordinary cultural tour of Provence. Over the course of four days, the students embarked on a journey through time, exploring an impressive array of Roman ruins, architectural masterpieces, and Renaissance artworks. 

Throughout their time abroad, the team visited multiple iconic locations, including two amphitheatres, two theatres, two temples, a bath house, a cryptoporticus, a necropolis and an aqueduct!


In addition, the students visited the village of Roussillon, following the “Sentier de l’ocre” (ochre path) to the old ochre quarries of Sentier. Widely considered a geological wonder, the cliffs are streaked with red and gold ochre sands. 



Ice creams were enjoyed, photos were captured, and lasting memories were created. A leisurely swim beneath the Pont du Gard was a particular highlight for the group. 

It is always a pleasure to take our pupils away - they are a credit to the College.

Ms Becky Miller, Teacher of Classics

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