Hot Hockey in Barcelona!

Over the Easter holidays, Lancing College pupils ventured to a plethora of different countries from Geographers in Morocco, to our Mathematicians in Orlando, and, of course, our Hockey Teams in Barcelona. Head of Hockey, David Janes, writes about the trip below.

Lancing's recent Hockey Tour to Barcelona provided an enriching and memorable experience for students, combining professional coaching and competitive fixtures to foster skill development and cultural exchange.

The tour commenced with professional coaching sessions at CD Teressa Hockey Club, where students had the opportunity to refine their skills under the guidance of top level experienced Spanish coaches. These sessions not only enhanced the players' technical abilities but also provided valuable insights into the training methodologies of a renowned hockey club in Spain. 

The highlight of the tour was undoubtedly the competitive fixtures, which saw both the boys' and girls' teams facing formidable opponents. 

David Janes, Head of Hockey

The boys' team contested fiercely against Barcelona Hockey Club and Club Junior, while the girls' team showcased their talent against CD Teressa and Barcelona Hockey Club. Both teams demonstrated resilience and sportsmanship, contributing to the competitive spirit of the matches.

Beyond the hockey matches, the tour offered a cultural immersion experience for the students. Exploring the vibrant city of Barcelona allowed them to appreciate its rich history, architecture, and cuisine. The camaraderie forged during the trip fostered a sense of unity among the students, strengthening friendships and creating lasting memories. 

The tour not only enriched their sporting abilities but also instilled values of teamwork, perseverance, and cultural appreciation.

David Janes, Head of Hockey