Soaring Success at Annual Prep School Science Challenge

Our annual Prep Schools’ Science Challenge welcomed gifted and talented year 6 pupils from 9 local schools to take part in challenges across Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Working together in small, inter-school teams, students delved into the challenges at hand, competing to be the best across the three sciences with the hopes of winning the coveted shield at the end of the day.

In Physics, students built aerodynamic shapes out of paper which were then tested in a wind tunnel to measure the resistance. Students also used tape and paper rods to construct bridges, which were put to the test under weights. The strongest bridge held over 4.5kg!

In Biology, students were introduced to Lancing’s own local ecosystem, and challenged with identifying birds, drawing biologically correct flowers, and constructing nests. Did you know that Lancing College is a part of a national effort to conserve and improve wild habitats for birds?

Over in Chemistry, students took part in a technicolour task and used incredible accuracy to turn their solutions from clear to blue in the iodine clock reaction. They were also challenged to name all the chemical elements they can out of the letters ‘LANCING COLLEGE CHEMISTRY CHALLENGE’- how many can you find?

To conclude the day of challenges, students enjoyed a falconry and flying display presented by Huxley’s Birds of Prey. Students met several birds, including Gomez the vulture and Gizmo the kestrel. The best flyer of the day was no doubt Pearl, the lanner falcon, but it was Loki the Eurasian eagle owl who stole the show and made a new home for himself in the upper quad.

We’d like to congratulate Lancing Prep Worthing for winning the overall first prize with a total of 139 points. Well done, Sophia, Beatrice, Oscar, Fraser, Harry, Jonathan, Constance, Rex, Ryley, Ata, Max and William. Congratulations to our newcomers, Hill House School, who came a close 2nd with 136 points, and to Westbourne House who came 3rd with 133 points.

A huge well done to the winners across each science.
Winning Biology team: Otto (Cumnor House), Daria (Hill House School), Beatrice (LPW), Freddie (Westbourne House)
Winning Chemistry team: Ben (Aldro), Roman (Hill House School), Henry (LPH), Rex (LPW)
Winning Physics team: Matthew (Aldro), Hugo (Cumnor House), Ata (LPW), Penolope (Sompting Abbotts)

Special thanks to Luke Lloyd of Huxley’s Birds of Prey for providing the display and talk on raptors; all the teaching staff and technicians of the Science department, as well as our prefects who volunteered to help throughout the day.