Out Of The Campfire And Into The Frying Pan

Our intrepid Explorer Scouts are trading the campsite for the kitchen as they get to work on their Chef Badges.  

On Wednesday 4 October, our Scouts were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the College kitchens to see how a professional kitchen operates. During the tour, they ventured inside the large walk-in freezer (and realised they could all fit in at the same time), explored the large stores of food, and found out a range of facts:

  • Each and every chef knows about every single allergy in the College
  • 300 eggs are consumed each day, and there is a chef whose sole job in the morning is to crack eggs
  • Scrambled eggs happen to be the easiest to prepare
  • The hardest meal to cook is fish and chips (despite this, we always have fish on Fridays!)

Our visit to the College kitchens as a part of our new badge was particularly exciting for us all. Our tour involved viewing the dry store, walk in freezers, kitchens, also meeting Head Chef Michelle. A highlight for me was fitting into the walk in freezer and identifying items off the menu for the upcoming week. It was fascinating to learn that only two chefs cook 500 dinners each evening, the sheer amount of preparation that goes into each meal is truly impressive.

Amelie L, Senior Patrol Leader, Sankey's House

All photos were taken by Senior Patrol Leader, Ellie F-S, Sankey's House.