Lancing Prep Worthing pupils are expected to wear full school uniform to and from school, to and from school matches, and on visits etc outside normal school hours. We believe pupils should maintain a smart appearance at all times; footwear and games kit should be clean.

The school uniform is designed to be tidy but practical and is appropriate to the age and gender of your child. Details for each section of the school are shown on the uniform list available on the link below.

LPW Uniform List

Lancing College has its own shop on the school site, where all items of uniform and sports kit can be bought for both the senior school and prep schools.

  • All parents and guardians are encouraged to order online and arrange a suitable time for collection from the School Shop over the course of the summer holidays by a pre-arranged appointment. 
  • The last date for Prep bookings and collections is Wednesday 23 August 2023 and orders received after this date will be sent to Lancing Prep Worthing at the beginning of the Autumn term.
  • Selected fitting sessions are available by a pre-arranged appointment only, and one parent and one pupil per allocated time slot. 
  • The online school shop can be accessed from the link below. 

The shop will be operational from 4 July 2023.

For enquiries or to book a fitting, please contact Mrs Karen Ford on 01273 465928 or email uniformshop@lancing.org.uk

To visit the online shop, please use the link below:

Lancing College Uniform Shop