In the process of being creative in Art and Design our pupils are praised and encouraged. They are challenged to explore and make discoveries about the world in which they live and to feel comfortable about making mistakes in order that they can learn. 

In Art taught as a curriculum subject, there is a Fine Art emphasis with a focus on drawing as the basis to all projects, allowing pupils to develop the formal elements of art, such as line, colour, form, texture, tone and light.

Each year group has the opportunity to experience over the course of the school year one two-dimensional, one three-dimensional and perhaps one printmaking, craft or textiles based project. Most projects will last a term and have a central theme running through them which, in addition to the formal elements, will always include the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the work of other artists and designers through time and from a wide variety of cultures.

In addition to the dedicated Art and Design lessons, there is a variety of Art clubs where pupils can extend their skills and explore additional media and topics.