Year 3

Transition from Pre-Prep to Prep

Year 3 is an exciting time for our pupils and offers many new opportunities and challenges. The curriculum presents an increased academic challenge and at the same time pupils are encouraged to become more independent learners. The key subjects are English and Mathematics, with additional lessons in in Science, RS, Art and DT, Games and PE, IT, Music, French and PSHE.  Geography and History are taught through topics, rather than as discrete subjects. 

Key Subjects

English is often taught through relevant, topic-related key texts and pupils undertake reading comprehension and grammar studies. Weekly spelling and phonics sessions, reinforced by a weekly spelling list sent home, are accompanied by handwriting lessons. Group reading lessons take place several times a week and pupils are encouraged to read a variety of books at home during the year and maintain reading diaries.

Mathematics is taught daily and lessons begin with a mental maths exercise and topic revision. There are weekly times table tests and the curriculum follows a wide range of topics under the broad headings of number and place value, calculating, fractions, measuring, geometry, time problems and simple statistics. Topics are revisited each term to reinforce previous learning and provide a greater challenge. Pupils are encouraged to access their ActiveLearn accounts at home and, occasionally in school, where they undertake carefully chosen game-based activities to reinforce their weekly mathematics learning.

Additional Subjects

Pupils study a series of science topics each term. In the autumn term these comprise rocks and soils, humans and other animals, and nutrition and movement. In the spring term they move onto light and seeing and green plants and in the summer they study living processes and forces and magnets.

In Art, a wide range of art genres and media are studied throughout the year and pupils produce their own work based on William Morris, Victorian art – silhouettes/ negative spaces in the autumn term, followed by Religious art and symbolism and artist-focused study in the spring term and natural forms/the natural world, sculpture and sci-art in the summer term.

DT work focuses on textiles, T shirt design and Christmas decorations in the autumn term, Food Technology and packaging in the spring term and pop-up books and a rain forest topic in the summer term.

Music lessons begin to build a broad base of knowledge, from contrasts and accompaniments, music of the olden days, operas and musicals, ‘invaders’, music around the world and pictures in sound.

Our pupils’ French studies cover the essentials of greetings, alphabet, family, numbers and ages in the autumn term, moving to body, face, colours and animals in the spring term and then onto growing things: fruit and vegetables and an ‘In the market’ topic in the summer term.

Geography and History are covered by topics throughout the year, starting with the Victorians in the autumn term, the history and geography of Brighton in the spring term and a geographical study and comparative locality work on Brazil in the summer term.