Year 3

Transition from Pre-Prep to Prep

Year 3 is an exciting time for our pupils and offers many new opportunities and challenges. The curriculum presents an increased academic challenge and at the same time pupils are encouraged to become more independent learners. 

The children begin to use the school’s virtual learning environment (VLE) where each subject has its own area and where they will find their weekly Prep task. Prep is set on a Monday each week to be handed in by the following Monday and alternates between English, Maths and ‘not your ordinary homework’. The time to be spent is shown on the task and children are not expected to work longer than that but to do as much of the task as they can achieve within the time. There will be a project set each half term to be completed in at least four weeks before presenting it to their peers.

 The key academic subjects are English, Mathematics and Science, with academic lessons in French. Geography, History and REP are all delivered through topic-based learning. In addition, the children have lessons in Art, Computing, Critical Thinking, Music, PSHE and Technology, along with Games & PE.

Parents are given curriculum booklets for their child’s year group at the start of the autumn term which provides more detailed information about the content of their child’s learning for the year ahead.