We aim to offer every child the opportunities to achieve their potential within a broad and varied curriculum. Whilst ensuring that each child achieves their very best academically, we believe there is much more to be found than academia alone.

Central to our ethos is the idea that all pupils have at least one area in which they can excel, and to that end we place great importance on the teaching of Art, Drama, Music and Sport alongside those subjects you would expect to find in the National Curriculum.

Whilst we are proud of our traditions, we are also a forward-thinking school, looking to build upon our past successes to achieve even greater heights in the future. By the time our pupils leave, they will have acquired a confidence and a self-belief, together with a set of values that will remain with them throughout their lives.

This website is of course only a snapshot of the school and I hope that it will encourage you to come and take a closer look. I look forward to meeting you and your children here at Lancing Prep Hove.

Mrs Kirsty Keep, Head Mistress of Lancing Prep Hove

Mrs Kirsty Keep
Head Mistress

You may read more about our ethos here