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International Women's Day with a literary twist
Lancing Prep Hove stayed open last week in the snow, much to the pupils’ delight, as they created snow art and played with snowballs outside on our school field but one disappointment was that the sch
LPH School Day arrangements 1 and 2 March 2018
Friday 2 March 2018 We intend to open school as normal but the timetable may be subject to some changes. There will be no clubs, early morning Basketball or after-school care on either day. School wil
15 Years of Co-education at Lancing Prep Hove
Lancing Prep Hove is celebrating 15 years of co-education with a very special scholarship offer for entry in 2018.

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Our first newsletter of the second half of the Spring Term
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Our second newsletter of the Spring Term
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Our first newsletter of the Spring Term.
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Our final newsletter of the term. Merry Christmas to everyone!