Years 7 to 8

Our pupils in Years 7 and 8 are beginning to move towards the teenage years and are thinking about life in their chosen senior school. It is a time that is exciting as well as challenging for our children.

Following a programme in Years 7 and 8 that fully embraces academia and beyond, our intention is that the children will leave Lancing Prep Hove as independent learners. Their enjoyment of studying a variety of subjects will be nurtured, harnessing their own curiosity, so that they are considered and collaborative in their approach to everything they do. 

Alongside academia, they will also continue to develop their sporting abilities and their engagement with performing and creative arts.  As the local senior schools have grown to expect of Lancing Prep Hove, our pupils will leave us having focused on good citizenship locally and globally, and they will know the value of having an open, outward mindset.

More details about the structure of our learning programme in these senior years are shared with parents at the appropriate time.