Years 1 & 2

At Lancing Prep Hove, we believe that children learn best when they are taught through topics that interest them and for this reason, our creative curriculum in the Pre-Prep is planned with the children’s changing interests in mind. Academic staff know their pupils very well and respond to these changing interests throughout the school year, liaising with parents to find out what children also enjoy outside of school, in order to plan relevant and engaging activities. 

Many are able to read at an advanced level in relation to age-related expectations. All children enjoy their learning, and approach each activity with enquiring and eager expectation

By Year 2, pupils are proficient in applying their knowledge of the relationship between letters and sounds, reading a range of words and sentences with complex spelling patterns during independent and group reading tasks.

ISI Inspection November 2022

About the Curriculum

The National Curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. This is delivered through the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science and foundation subjects of Art and design, Citizenship, Computing, Design and technology, Languages, Geography, History, Music and Physical Education.

Teaching Approach

Form teachers take their own classes for most subjects. However, from as early as Pre-School, children in the Pre-Prep learn from the expertise of specialist teachers, in French, Music, Computing and Physical Education; all pupils from Pre-school have swimming lessons from February to July in the Lancing College swimming pool.

Engaging and interesting visitors, trips to our local community, the theatre, farms, museums, exhibitions and events during the year vary and enrich their education.