"Excellent" ISI Inspection Report November 2022

Head Mistress Kirsty Keep and her senior management team are delighted at the outcome of the Independent Schools Inspectorate visit to the school in November 2022. This was a focused Compliance and Educational Quality inspection and the first full inspection since 2015.

Firstly, the school met all the regulatory standards for independent schools and for the statutory framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Secondly, the findings of the Educational Quality inspection were rated as excellent. ‘Excellent’ is the very highest grading that the ISI awards (and equates to the ‘outstanding’ grading used by Ofsted in its inspections).

The Educational Quality Inspection reports on the quality of the school's work. It focuses on the two key outcomes: the achievement of the pupils, including their academic development, and the personal development of the pupils.

The key findings of the inspection are that the quality of the pupils' academic and other achievements is excellent and the quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.

The inspectors made the following headline judgements on pupils’ academic and other achievements

The quality of  pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent

  • Pupils apply their excellent communication skills to all areas of learning
  • Pupils demonstrate excellent study skills. They routinely ask thought-provoking questions, confidently draw on a range of resources and analyse information
  • Pupils have extremely positive attitudes to learning. They are self-sufficient and proficient working independently or in groups
  • Pupils show high levels of knowledge, skills and understanding for their age in many areas

The quality of  pupils’ personal development is excellent

  • Pupils’ self-understanding is excellent. They are confident, resilient and strongly engaged with their own learning
  • Pupils understand right from wrong and have a strong sense of fair play. They take responsibility for their own behaviour and display mutual respect and positive relationships with others
  • Pupils have an excellent awareness of community and collaborate productively in groups and teams
  • Pupils are highly respectful of diversity in all its forms

Mrs Keep commented, "It was very pleasing to receive the highest grading which is of course based upon our children's experience of school life at LPH. I am very proud of our pupils who impressed the ISI inspectors just as they impress everyone who visits our school."