Aims and Ethos


We nurture in all our pupils a love of learning to enable them to reach their full potential. Our broad and balanced curriculum is enriched with high quality creative and physical activities to provide a vibrant learning environment. In working and playing together, within the framework of a Christian community, the children develop a sense of service to each other, and the world beyond the school gates, which will characterise their future lives. 


• To provide an education for children from 2 to 13 years which inspires a desire for excellence and which enables them to develop independent, searching minds and to realise their full academic potential. 

• To provide each child with the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities and to encourage an interest in these activities through the provision of excellent facilities and teaching. 

• To ensure that the years children spend at Lancing College Preparatory School at Worthing are happy and fulfilling. 

• To forge a close and supportive relationship with parents throughout their children’s lives at the school. 

• To promote the Christian values which lie at the heart of the foundation of Lancing College. 

• To provide a safe, welcoming, supportive and tolerant environment in which each pupil feels valued as an individual and, in turn, learns the importance of tolerance and consideration towards others. 

• To help each child realise the importance of contributing to the community, both inside and outside the school, and to ensure that the wider community benefits from the existence of the school. 

• To prepare children thoroughly for their senior school education. 

Francesca Milling