Years 7 to 8


At the heart of our curriculum is the intention to lay firm foundations on which to build future studies. We aim for all our children to become powerful learners: resilient, resourceful, reflective and responsible young people who are well equipped for life in the 21st century.  We believe that these are essential skills for future success and happiness. 

Pupils across the school develop strong self-knowledge because staff offer much encouragement for self-reflection across the curriculum.

ISI Inspection June 2022


In Years 7 and 8 pupils now follow the CE syllabus for the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science and an exciting programme of study for Humanities and MFL, along with creative and performing arts subjects. They are taught by specialist teachers in preparation for examinations and assessments towards the end of Year 8. 

We take great care to enable our pupils to reveal their full potential to their chosen senior school, whether for general or scholarship entry.

Learning Approach

Literacy skills are predominantly delivered through the English curriculum but are also developed throughout all curricular and extra-curricular subjects. Drama is taught as part of the English Curriculum and is an important vehicle to aid the development of speaking and five listening skills. Children are also encouraged to speak in public in a range of contexts throughout their time at our school.

Numeracy skills are mainly delivered through the mathematics curriculum and this enables pupils to use and apply mathematics, understand shape, measures and data handling, develop a capacity for logical thinking and express themselves independently using number.

The science curriculum enables pupils to increase their knowledge and understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and develop enquiry skills, form hypotheses, conduct experiments and record their findings. Children use the school’s science laboratory.

Co-Curricular Activities

Physical Education plays an important part in the life of the children and it is taught by a qualified PE teacher. Physical Education forms an important part of our wider curriculum and all pupils participate. In the winter season, Football, Hockey and Netball teams compete very successfully with full fixture lists. During the summer, Cricket, Rounders and Athletics form the basis of our PE programme. Children are encouraged to enter national standards competitions such as Super Skills, 5-Star and BAGA award schemes.

The Music Department organises concerts and we have a senior choir, an orchestra, wind band and guitar club who all perform to a very high standard. All pupils may also have lessons with our peripatetic piano, woodwind, flute, brass, violin and drum teachers who visit the school each week.

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There is more information available in the Curriculum Overview