ISI Inspections

Lancing Prep Worthing was visited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate for a focused Compliance and Educational Quality inspection in June 2022. This was the first full inspection since 2014, with a Regulatory Compliance Inspection having been carried out in 2018. 

Firstly, the school met all the regulatory standards for independent schools and for the statutory framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Secondly, the findings of the Educational Quality inspection were rated as excellent. ‘Excellent’ is the very highest grading that the ISI awards (and equates to the ‘outstanding’ grading used by Ofsted in its inspections).

The Educational Quality Inspection reports on the quality of the school's work. It focuses on the two key outcomes: the achievement of the pupils, including their academic development, and the personal development of the pupils.  

The key findings of the inspection are that the quality of the pupils' academic and other achievements is excellent and the quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent. 

Drilling down into the report further, the inspectors made the following headline judgements on pupils’ academic and other achievements: 

  • Pupils of all abilities, including those in the EYFS, make excellent progress. 
  • Pupils' communication skills are excellent. They listen attentively and are highly articulate and confident speakers. 
  • Pupils acquire increasingly sophisticated study skills as they move through the school. 
  • Pupils have highly positive attitudes to their learning. They are extremely happy learners who are eager to learn. 

Turning to personal development, the inspectors reported  

  • Pupils across the school show high levels of self-understanding and enthusiastically assume responsibility for their own learning. 
  • Pupils are able to distinguish right from wrong. They are able to take responsibility for their own behaviour having highly positive relationships with each other and with staff. 
  • Pupils make an outstanding contribution to the lives of others in the school and wider community. 

The full report is available to read below, or on the ISI website here

ISI focused Compliance and
Educational Quality Report June 2022

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