Enrichment & Support

Learning at Lancing Prep at Worthing is vibrant and our passion for learning is almost palpable. Alongside our broad and balanced curriculum we offer our pupils a wide range of high quality creative and physical activities to enrich their experience at school.

Our pupils enjoy seizing the enriching opportunities that are presented to them here within lessons, school activities and through participation in competitions and events with which our school is involved. 

Our annual Third Generation Day is eagerly anticipated by all Prep school pupils - it is a very special event that creates a memory which we hope our pupils will carry with them forever and tell their grandchildren about! From playing Quidditch to solving mysteries with a 007 theme, it creates a real buzz and is hugely successful with pupils and their parents alike.

We support those children with specific learning difficulties where additional help is needed to access the curriculum, although our small classes mean that in almost all lessons work is differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils.

As a school, we are aware that bilingualism is a strength and that EAL pupils have a valuable contribution to make. We take a whole school approach, including ethos, curriculum, education against racism and promoting language awareness.