Scholarships & Bursaries


11+ Scholarships for entry into Year 7

Means-tested bursaries may be available to some pupils in certain circumstances. Our funds for these are strictly limited and parents should discuss this with us at an early stage when considering the school for their child.

The aim of our 11+ means-tested scholarships is to help talented pupils who wish to take full advantage of an independent education and whose parents might otherwise have not been able to afford it. This can offer a pathway for those considering applying for scholarships at Lancing College at 13+ but does not guarantee continuation into a senior school. We would of course use our expertise and knowledge of senior school destinations to advise parents in good time of future options for the next step of their child’s education.

We have a finite amount of funds available to us for scholarships and the fairest way to distribute these is to offer financial support according to need.

Our scholarship process is current under review and we will shortly be publishing arrangements for entry in September 2018. The following should therefore be taken as an outline rather than definitive.

The scholarship tests consist of standardised assessments in English, Mathematics and Non Verbal Reasoning. The tests are taken towards the end of January of Year 6. We offer an optional Taster day in January when your child is welcome to spend a normal school day with our Year 6 pupils.

A good academic level is expected and exceptional talent in other areas, such as Sport and Music, will be taken into consideration when scholarships are considered.

Following the assessment day, the most able students will be invited to apply for a scholarship and the next stage in the process is a means test of the family finances. Guidance is given to parents for this assessment.

Late applications may be considered from time to time in exceptional circumstances but the availability of funds for a scholarship cannot be guaranteed outside of the usual scholarship process.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Piper, Lancing Prep Worthing Registrar, for more information about any aspect of our 11+ scholarship scheme.