The Completion of Lancing College Chapel

An astonishingly generous response to the Chapel Completion Campaign – launched in September 2019 – made it possible to sign a contract with Chichester Stoneworks Ltd that same year. COVID-19 regulations, illness, supply chain problems and the complexity of the construction process prolonged the building period. The Founder’s great-great grandson, Jolyon Woodard, topped out the north buttress on 25 May 2021 (captured on film below).

The finishing touches – after 154 years – were completed just in time for the dedication on 23 April 2022.

Find out more about the Chapel Completion project in the videos below:

Lancing College Chapel West Porch

Credit: BBC South Today (first broadcast - Evening News 29 April 2022)






Credit: BBC South Today (first broadcast - Evening News 15 October 2019)


Computer-generated image of Drury's porch


Neil Holland's impression of Drury's completed design