School House, the oldest boarding House at Lancing, is also the largest, comprising 75 students with 15 boys in each year group (Third Form through to Upper Sixth). We enjoy a rich mixture of talents in the House including artists, musicians, engineers, sportsmen, scholars, and thespians; boys from a range of cultures, with different experiences, make for a wonderful blend of characters and rich educational setting.

The ethos is very much about taking advantage of the many opportunities available at Lancing to discover one’s niche and passion. Indeed, the more unusual the shape of the piece, the more exciting the puzzle!

Mr Chris Mole, Housemaster

Mr Chris Mole

Housemaster, Physical Education Teacher

Meet the House Staff

  • Mr Chris Mole
    Housemaster, Physical Education Teacher
  • Mr Nat Payne
    Assistant Housemaster, English Teacher
  • Miss Sandy Wilcock
  • Mr Chris Crowe
    House Tutor, Director of Football
  • Mr Andy Williamson
    House Tutor, Chemistry Teacher
  • Dr Damian Kerney
    House Tutor, Head of History
  • Mr Raymond Mew
    House Tutor, Head of Classics
  • Mr Jordan Roberts
    House Tutor, Mathematics Teacher
  • Dr Arnold Reesink
    House Tutor, Geography Teacher