The campaign

The Lancing Foundationers campaign means that young people, often from challenging backgrounds, will be able to come to Lancing College and access an education that will be truly transformative.

Up to five students will be selected each year; they will need to show the potential to access Lancing’s high academic standards, the individual potential and the motivation to seize the opportunity that these awards afford. The programme aims to attract students who stand out as being able to gain the most from, and contribute the most to, a Lancing education. Some will come from challenging family backgrounds, others from failing schools, and may live in areas where life chances are limited. These factors can bring about vulnerabilities that limit the opportunity for a young person to progress and achieve their goals.

Lancing has a long history of providing bursaries to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who would not otherwise have a chance to receive the kind of education that Lancing offers. We select pupils from a wide variety of schools, both local and national, and they join in the Third Form and also the Sixth Form. The success of the programme is shared with our partners - the Royal National SpringBoard Children's Foundation, East Side Young Leaders' Academy and Trinity School in Lewisham.

Impact Report