The Art Department aims to provide a rewarding and self-revealing exploration of art that should enrich a pupil's life at Lancing. It should also give them a high degree of visual literacy that they will carry into their adult life regardless of whether they propose to follow an artistic career.

We place a strong emphasis on the development of the individual’s visual literacy to enable an understanding of Art as a form of tactile communication, and to have confidence and competence in reading and evaluating visual imagery and artefacts. Art education at Lancing maintains a high level of commitment to fine art, including the exploration of two and three-dimensional approaches through disciplines such as painting, printmaking, and sculpture. More experimental mixed media approaches, as well as textiles and photography, are given equal measure and in all dimensions.

Art at Lancing aims to enable and prepare our young artists for the world beyond the College. All our students are encouraged to become visually literate, to be able to use and understand art as a form of tactile communication.

Mrs Kay Blundell

Mrs Kay Blundell

Art Department

About the Curriculum

Students follow a two-year course in Art & Design and choose one of two available courses: GCSE Fine Art or GCSE Art Photography.

Both Fine Art and Art Photography are enjoyable subjects, and complement literary, mathematical and scientific studies. Art history, the history of photography and social/critical awareness are important areas studied as part of both courses.

Learning approach

Art pupils are encouraged to arrive with an open mind to the subject. In almost all art activities pupils are required to use independent thought and reasoning skills. The department places great emphasis on the individual; careful analysis of the individual’s progress enables everyone, regardless of aptitude, to be challenged and to work to their strengths.

Portfolio work in the Senior School aims to develop the pupil’s skills base and encourage independent learning. After an interim period of skills based workshops in Fourth Form, pupils devise and develop their own personal project through into Fifth Form, preparing them for Art at A Level.


Pupils will have the opportunity to study work first-hand in galleries, collections or through visits from artists and art historians. These visits will usually support the work of the particular project. Pupils may also be required to make independent visits to galleries during the holidays. The Department organises one visit abroad each year.

The Department offers a number of clubs and activities for pupils, including architecture, photography, life drawing, textiles and ceramics.