Halford Hewitt Trial

On Saturday 5 March, one month ahead of the Halford Hewitt, the OL scratch golfers descended upon Royal St George’s to contend for a coveted position in the competing team. Breakfast was enjoyed together, and battle commenced at 9am. 18 holes of foursomes ensued, a 3-course lunch served with the club's finest claret was enjoyed, and a further 18 dictated the lucky 10. A promising and rather new looking side will be representing the College in Sandwich and Deal for 2022: James Barrington Gibbs’ 1973-1978, Eric Brünjes Teme 1998-2003, Harry Brünjes Head’s 1996-2001, Ralph Brünjes (Capt) Gibbs’ 2001-2006, Jack Cheesman Head’s 2014-2019, Rufus Dennis Sankey’s 1999-2004, Oliver Kenning Second’s 2000-2005, Nigel Munn Field’s 1979-1984, Christopher Pettie Head’s 1992-1997 and Simon Wright Second’s 2001-2006.

Ralph Brünjes

If anyone would like to be a part of the OL Scratch Golf Team please do not hesitate to get in touch with Ralph Brunjes -, and for more information on sports most competitive and social amateur tournaments, visit

We will update our events list when we are able to confirm the dates but these are the provisional fixtures. OLs are always welcome to join the OL Golfing Society please email Charles Mackendrick, OL Golfing Society Secretary, for full details -

Thursday 7- Sunday 10 April Halford Hewitt 1 st round vs The Leys at 14:15 (Captain: R Brunjes) Royal St George's
Tuesday 3 May 'A' match –v-Sherborne (Manager: O.Harris) Gatton Manor GC
Saturday 7 May Grafton Morrish Qualifier (Captain: N Munn) Knole Park GC
Thursday 26 May OLGS Spring Meeting (Organiser: C Mackendrick) West Surrey GC
Sunday 12 June Young OLs Competition – (Manager: P Williams) TBC
Wednesday 22 June 'A' match –v- Radley (Manager: N.Mukherjee) New Zealand GC
Wednesday 29 June - Friday 1  July Mellin, Burles and Millard Salvers (Managers: C.Martin) West Hill GC
Tuesday 23 August ‘A’ Match for Lanborne Trophy vs Eastbourne (Manager: C MacKendrick) West Surrey GC
Sunday 18 September Sussex Schools (Captain: Justin Higgo) West Sussex GC
Wednesday 28 September OLGS Autumn Guest Meeting (Organiser: C Mackendrick) West Sussex GC
Friday 7 - Sunday 9 October Grafton Morrish Finals (Captain: N Munn)  Hunstanton, Royal West Norfolk GC