Lancing College has a staff of over 250 people dedicated to teaching and caring for our pupils, and to the smooth running of the senior school. Our teachers, Housemasters and Housemistresses inspire, support and care for each individual; they are aided by matrons, domestic assistants, health centre staff, farm staff, school shop and café staff, alongside the catering, maintenance, grounds, IT, finance, HR, cleaning and transport teams who are a vital part of a making Lancing such a successful school.

Below you will find teachers and many of the staff that parents and pupils interact with on a regular basis. 

MPhil Oxon
Head Master
BSc Loughborough, PGCE Buckingham
Head of Tennis,
Assistant Housemistress - Handford,
BA Universidad Valle del Bravo, Mexico; PGCE (MFL) Sussex
Teacher (Spanish)
BA De Montfort, PGCE Bedford
Director of Sport, Head of Academic PE
BA Lancaster, PGCE Bath
Housemaster - Teme,
Teacher (History)
BA Norwich School of Art & Design
Head of Photography,
Teacher (Photography, Art)
BA Cantab, PhD Yale
Teacher (History),
Assistant Housemaster - Gibbs'
BA Roehampton, LGSMD
Director of Drama and Dance,
Assistant Housemaster - Saints
BA Winchester
Head of Football
BSc, MSc Wellington
Housemaster - Head's
Head of Psychology
BSc, MA, BA, PGCE Oxon
Science Coordinator, Head of Chemistry
BA Westminster, BA Chelsea College of Art and Design
Teacher (Art)
BSc, PGCE Keele
Housemistress - Sankey's,
Teacher (Chemistry)
Referendarstudium 2, Münster German
Teacher (German)
BSc Manchester, MSc Newcastle
Teacher (Mathematics),
Assistant Housemaster - Head's
BSc Bristol
Head of Mathematics
PhD, MA UCL, BSc Exeter, PGCE Cantab
Head of Geography
MA Oxon, BTh South Africa
Housemistress - Field's House, Teacher (Mathematics)
French Assistante
BSc Coventry, PGCE Buckingham
Head of Hockey
BSc Durham
Assistant Head (Pastoral)
Teacher (Chemistry, Biology)
BSc Exeter, PGCE
Teacher (Physics)
Teacher (Learning Support)
BA L'Aquila, PGCE Hertfordshire
Teacher (French, Spanish)
Teacher (Learning Support)
Licenciada, Bogotá
Spanish Assistant
Assistant Head (Safeguarding),
Designated Safeguarding Lead,
BEd Russia
Head of MFL,
Head of German
BSc Bath
Head of PSHE,
Teacher (Economics, Politics),
MA Cantab
Senior Deputy Head,
Teacher (English)
MPhys, PGCE, Southampton
Teacher (Physics)
DofE Manager
BSc Manchester
Teacher (Mathematics)
MPhil Cantab, BA Oxon, BSc Greenville College USA
English Teacher
BA De Montfort
Assistant Director of Sport
BA Malaga
Head of Spanish
BA, MA Cantab
Assistant Head - Co-curricular
BSc Edinburgh
Assistant Head - Academic,
Teacher (Biology)
BA Newcastle
Assistant Head of Languages,
Teacher (Spanish)
BA, MPhil Kent
Teacher (Classics)
MA St Andrews, PGCE Bristol
Teacher (English)
BSc Liverpool
Teacher (Geography)
BA Durham
Teacher (Music),
Assistant Housemistress - Manor
BA Exeter, MA Sussex
Head of English
MA Oxon, BA Leeds
Chaplain of Lancing College,
Teacher (RS, History)
BSc Reading
Housemaster - Second's House,
Teacher (Biology)
BA Gloucestershire
Teacher (Mathematics)
BA, PhD Birmingham
Deputy Head - Academic
BSc Birmingham
Science Coordinator, Head of Biology,
Assistant Housemistress
BA Loughborough
Teacher (Design & Technology)
BA College of the Holy Cross, PhD Cantab
Head of Politics
MA Cantab, PhD Sheffield, FRSA
Head of History
Assistant Director of Music,
Head of Academic Music
MA Sussex
Head of Chinese
HND Northbrook College of Art and Design
Teacher (Art)
BSc Sussex
Teacher (Mathematics)
BA Brighton, MCLIP
NCA Advanced Coach & ECB Level III
Director of Cricket
Director of Music
BSc Surrey
Teacher (Mathematics),
Assistant Housemistress - Field's
MA Monash
Housemistress - Handford,
Teacher (English)
BA King's College, PGCE, PGCTcg, PGCPSE
Head of English Language Support; Teacher (English)
BA Brunel, MA UCL
Head of Learning Support
BFA Illinois
Head of Design and Technology
MA, BA Oxon
Head of Classics
BSc Manchester
Teacher (Mathematics)
Head of Economics,
Head of Business
BSc Manchester
Housemaster - School House,
Teacher (PE)
BSc, PhD Southampton
Teacher (Chemistry)
BA Sussex, PhD Edinburgh
Teacher (German, Italian)
BA London
Teacher (English),
Assistant Housemaster - Second's
Masters Nanterre Paris-Ouest la Défense
Teacher (French)
Assistant Housemaster - Teme
MSc Southampton
Housemistress - Saints'
Teacher of Physics
BA Cantab
Teacher (Mathematics)
BSc Portsmouth, PhD Southampton
Head of Physics
MSc Utrecht, PhD Binghamton
Teacher (Geography)
MA Edinburgh
Head of Art
MA Cantab, MA London
Head of Religious Studies,
Teacher (RS, Drama, History)
BSc Newcastle
Teacher (Chemistry)
BA, PGCE Nottingham
Teacher (History, RS)
BA Durham
Senior Housemaster - Gibbs' House,
Teacher (RS, English)
BSc Middlesex; PGCE Huddersfield
Teacher (Psychology)
BSc Durham
Teacher (Mathematics)
BTec Chichester
Teacher (Art)
BEng Bristol, MInstP
Head of Computing,
Teacher (Computing, Physics)
BA York, MA Exeter
Teacher (Economics),
Assistant Housemaster - Head's
BSc Hull
Teacher (Economics, Business)
MA Oxon
Teacher (Chemistry)
MBA Lancaster, BSc York
Teacher (Biology)
BA Beds, MA Essex, PG Dip Brighton
School Counsellor
BA Brighton, PG Dip (Psychodynamic Counselling) Sussex
School Counsellor
Estates Bursar
Executive Director - External Relations
Director of IT
Foundation Director
Director of Admissions
Admissions Manager
Deputy Admissions Manager
Catering Manager
Retail and Commercial Manager