All forms of sport keep pupils fit, build character and help to develop a healthy competitive spirit – qualities which are always useful, wherever you want to go in life.

Hockey, Football, Netball, Tennis and Cricket are among the main sports played here at Lancing, but we are also very successful in Squash, Basketball, Swimming, Horse Riding, Eton Fives, Golf, Dance, Fencing, Fishing, Sailing, Croquet, Riding, Badminton, Rounders, Water Polo, Aerobics & Fitness, Karate, Climbing, Volleyball, Shooting, Rugby Sevens, and Cross-Country.

Chris and Kelly
Chris Crowe and Kelly Edwards
Head of Football and Assistant Director of Sport

“It is all about opportunity at Lancing, we put on so many different sports and activities that every single pupil, boy or girl, has a chance to find something that they can either really just enjoy or excel at.”