The OL Club Welcome

Chairman's Welcome Message

Welcome to The OL Club website which contains information about upcoming OL events, and news and photos from recent social events. We also cover the OL sports clubs, which give so much pleasure to so many OLs.

The OL Club is Lancing’s alumnus group:  OLs are our principal focus, but we are also part of the Lancing Society which includes the group for current and former parents (Lancing Parents Association) and the Friends of Lancing Chapel.

The OL Club consists of over 8,000 OLs worldwide, and our population is always changing. Through our social events and our other activities, we try to reflect the changes taking place in that population. If you feel we can improve, please contact me at, and tell me how.

As well as providing social and networking opportunities to meet new contacts, old friends and members of the Common Room, The OL Club is committed to supporting Lancing College: for example we are funding a Foundationer bursary for each of the next five years. We also pledged a significant contribution towards the completion of our wonderful Chapel.

We hope you enjoy this section of the Lancing College website.

Nigel Bennett (Olds 1972-1977)


Nigel Bennett





Lancing prepared me for the independence of university in a way not many of the other ‘freshers’ were prepared for. The College also taught me to be true to myself and my interests, rather than being encouraged to fit a desired mould

OL Club member