Founded in 1914, Gibbs’ House bestrides the Upper Quadrangle and is home to 70 boys. The tone of the House is set by the adage of the Gibbs’ Family, Tenax Propositi: Strength of Purpose. More colloquially, Gibbs’ boys are encouraged to 'get stuck in', developing those interests and enthusiasms with which they arrive at the College, but also taking the initiative to strike out in original directions, seizing opportunities as they arise as well as looking to create their own. 

The convivial atmosphere of Gibbs’ is helped by its geography: central common rooms, staircases and thoroughfares ensure easy integration as well as navigation. Senior boys actively seek the responsibility to welcome and help settle new ‘Gibboons’: a well-established mentoring system ensures that they play a key pastoral role in addition to the Housemaster and staff. The aim is to establish a lively dynamic in every year group founded on mutual support, respect and tolerance, principles which quicken, sustain and enrich communal living. 
Gibbs’ boys take pride in taking part, to be the best that they can be; to be themselves.


Matt Smith


Mr Matt Smith

Senior Housemaster, RS Teacher

Meet the House Staff

  • Mr Matt Smith
    Senior Housemaster, RS & English Teacher
  • Dr Adrian Robinson
    Acting Assistant Housemaster, Teacher of Physics
  • Mrs Claire Ferris
    House Matron
  • Mrs Phillippa Faulkner
    House Tutor, Assistant Head Academic, Biology Teacher
  • Mr Tim Grant
    House Tutor, English Teacher
  • Mr Alexander Mason
    House Tutor, Director of Music
  • Dr Mark Walsh
    House Tutor, Head of Chemistry
  • Mr Andy Cooper
    House Tutor, Teacher of Mathematics
  • Ms Sally Gerstmeyer
    House Tutor, Head of Academic Drama