Business Networks

We have been building up a peer-to-peer professional network for OLs and parents since 2007. Our aim is to bring together industry sectors and disciplines and meet regularly to share ideas, make contacts, facilitate career development and create business opportunities for all members of the Lancing Society.

We can all benefit from the expertise of our global community and we want to ensure that this resource is available to everyone connected with Lancing. We currently have eight Business Networks:

  • Law
  • Insurance
  • Banking and Investment Management
  • Property
  • Medicine
  • Arts and Media
  • Land Management
  • Engineering and Science
  • Educate, Inform, Inspire
  • Provide opportunities for professional advancement
  • Strengthen the value of the Lancing connection
  • Enhance the Lancing Community
  • Collaborate with the wider Lancing Society
  • Achieve recognition for all Lancing’s industry based networking groups
  • A global Lancing Community with a willingness to help each other
  • Support with the transition from Lancing to university/career life
  • Provision of unique networking opportunities and valuable professional connections
  • Targeted mentoring and career advice
  • Facilitating and enabling access to career pathways
  • Keeping in touch with a powerful network of informed and connected contacts
  • Improved engagement with the wider Lancing Society

If you would like to get involved, share your expertise and host an event at your business or company, please do get in touch with Natacha Palmer, Foundation Communications Manager at 

The last Business Network (Property) took place on Thursday 12 May 2022 - read about it here. 


Click to join Lancing Connected - our dedicated online networking platform